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Leaves of Gratitude

Family traditions are so very important to me. My family of origins pretty much disintegrated soon after I left home for college. So when we started our family we decided to start from scratch. I wanted to be sure that our family had strong traditions we could rely on to tie us together and help […]

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Write31Days #4: Hello Mornings

Ah, mornings. I love the Bible verse in Lamentations 3:22-23 that says “His mercies are new every morning.” Each day we have a new opportunity to start over. To be intentional about how we spend this particular day. I can choose sleep if I had a rough night (and that really might be the best […]

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Day 3 of Books: Bible Time

Of all the reading I do it is most important for me to read my Bible so I try to start my day there. Some days I get to read more, some days less but God meets me whatever season I am in. There are a few different ways I use to keep me in […]


Spiritual/Personal Growth Books

Why do you read? There are so many different reasons: to learn, to be entertained, to stretch your mind, to be inspired, to share in an experience with others or to experience life from a different perspective just to name a few. It depends on the day and the season of life what kind of […]


31 Days of ….. Books!

I’m so excited to take on the 31 days of blogging challenge for the month of October! A couple of months ago on Facebook there was a challenge to share 1 book everyday for 7 days and it was so hard for me to pick just 7! When I was encouraged to pick a topic […]


ThredUp vs. Stitch Fix

I have been using Stitch Fix for the last couple of years. I have been very pleased with my last few boxes of clothes and I feel like the stylists there really understand what I like and know what pieces I have in my closet and send me clothes that coordinate with what they have […]


What I Learned This Summer 2018

I am linking up with Emily P. Freeman for her quarterly what I learned series.  I always love taking some time to reflect on the season as it is winding down and this provides a great opportunity! Hawaiian Roll Deli Sandwiches are awesome for large family road trips! I used this post to get me […]


Great Falls

We took a 5 day, 4 night camping trip through central and northwestern Montana and even jaunted into eastern Idaho for our big family adventure this summer. Our first stop was Great Falls. Great Falls was found by Lewis and Clark on their expedition through what is now Montana in 1805. There are actually 5 […]

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