1000 Gifts cont.

21. Books—knowledge, ideas, friends, teachers, and adventure all waiting for me to absorb
22. The Bible—the best book of ALL!
23. blogs
24. a husband that shares the detail of his daily life with me
25. fresh baked homemade whole wheat bread
26. community supported agriculture—where I can connect with a farmer and get marvelous vegetables that are raised with love and without chemicals.
27. parents who loved me and took me to church where I found Jesus
28. sisters I can call friends
29. the best in laws
30. the internet—makes my life easier—I just registered my car in less than 10 minutes & didn’t have to email anything!
31. essential oils that heal our bodies without using chemicals
32. whole foods which God created for our benefit
33. quiet time to spend with God in the morning
34. circle time where the girls and I can have fun together and talk about God
35. photos that record the joy and growth of our family
36. time with Paul every evening
37. music that soothes my soul and refocuses my mind
38. running water that cleans and refreshes
39. the women at Heart & Home that have shown me so love & taught me so much
40. new friends

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