Homeschooling Convention 2008

We had our convention this past weekend and it was wonderful as usual! It’s so nice to spend time with friends, listen to encouraging speakers and shop for homeschooling books!

My favorite session was Shelley Noonan’s Mentoring Your Daughters. She talked about purposefully teaching your daughters. She recommended spending 1 hour each week one-on-one time with each daughter. With 5 girls I’m not sure how I’m going to achieve that. She wrote A Companion Guide for Beautiful Girlhood. I bought this and intend to start it with 1potato (who is 9 1/2). I already had Beautiful Girlhood but we haven’t read it yet.

Dh went to one called How Do You Know What They Know? by Teresa Moon. He suggested I get her book Evaluating for Excellence. I think it is just what we needed! With more students this year dh & I have been talking about how we need to have more definable goals and ways of measuring their progress. This book is filled with forms to help diagnose where they are, set down your goals and measure their progress. It comes with a CDROM (which they are mailing to me) that you can print the forms out if you don’t want to make copies from the book.

This year we decided to switch from Making Math Meaningful to Math-U-See. Dh is going to take over teaching them math so I won’t have to worry about it. We are really excited about it. I bought the Primer for 3potato who is doing Kindergarten this year and Gamma for 1potato. Some friends of ours are going to give us Beta for 2potato as soon as their son finishes it (he’s almost done). We are already enjoying listening to the skip counting songs.

I’m very excited about the books we got for language lessons this year! They are from Queen Homeschool. The include full color art work for picture study, poetry, creative writing, grammar and more. They are so lovely to look at and are directed to the student so a lot of it they will be able to do on their own. 1potato also picked out Pictures in Cursive Book D to practice her cursive. It is a daily cursive writing practice based on picture study lessons

1potato got very excited about lapbooking at the convention. She got to go to a workshop where they made one. So we got Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books and Activities. We also got a kit that has 12 folders & papers to make lapbooks with. I’m hoping she will make a lapbook every month and it will help her study skills.

We also got the Keepers of the Home Handbook. We are hoping to start a club using it this fall.

We are going to continue with our Mystery of History Volume 1 using figures from History Through the Ages for our timelines.

We are also going to continue using Draw to Learn: The Book of Psalms for drawing and Bible. We love it. We are using some hardbound books from Miller Pads & Paper to do our drawings in and Prismacolor Pencils. I’m doing it with the girls and it is so enjoyable and really helps focus on what the Bible is saying to us.

We are planning on starting back to school August 4th with everyone else around here. I’m using this planner from Simply Charlotte Mason to pull it all together. I’m really looking forward to this year—I think its going to be a great school year!

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2 thoughts on “Homeschooling Convention 2008

  1. So glad that we got to spend some time with you all. I hope that we can get together again much sooner than a year from now. Emma would like to pen pal with Miss S so we will get on that!! Have a super weekend.
    Love, T

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