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This past year I felt like a barely kept my head above water. I know I had a new baby (and it was bit harder since the boys are 3 years apart). And really ever since we moved to Montana I felt like I was behind, unorganized and it was getting worse. Our kids are getting bigger and have more activities than we have ever had before coupled with little ones still at home has made for some difficult juggling. I had to come to accept that we are in a new season of life.

I also did some hard thinking about who I am and what I need to be successful in this new season of life. I really process things through writing and I realized I had nowhere to write! I need some quiet and my books, journals, room for my laptop, etc… so I can plan our days, process our days and somehow work my way out of the deep waters.

So as we prepared for a better year my husband helped me carve out a spot in our room and I tried to carve out some time in the evenings to sit and work through this life we’ve been given. I haven’t been able to do it every night but several times a week and I already feel like my head is clearer and we are accomplishing more with our days. I even have a record of the highlights of each day so far this year! I’m feeling stronger and praise God that he showed me what I was missing and that we were able to correct that (without even spending any money!)

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength! And He does provide a way when we seek after Him.

I have found several tools to help me organize my life and I hope to be able to share those ideas with you soon but for now jut having the time and space to think about my day has made all of the difference!

What is it you need? Do you have a spot just for you? It doesn’t have to look like a magazine picture or pinterest post. Just something that works for you! I’d love to see your spot 🙂


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