Keeping a Clean (Enough) House Wrap-Up


I hope you have found some helpful hints in this series!

I personally struggle with keeping up with this aspect of my duties but I have found that no matter how many times I fail the Lord’s mercies are new every morning and it just takes that first step toward order an not giving up and we can be back on track. And the more often I try again the easier it gets. I am not a clean Nazi by any stretch of the imagination but life is so much nicer when you can find what you need, have clean clothes to wear and dishes for cooking and eating with clean! I believe training our children to help around the house not only makes our lives better now but also teaches them the skills they need to run their own households one day.

I want our home to be a comfortable place for our family and friends but I want to spend more energy on those relationships even if it means that my home won’t be featured in a magazine. Pictures, books and words are the extent of my decorating but at this stage in my life I am happy with clean enough.

Stop on by I would love to visit with you!


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