Love Languages


Love one another with brotherly [& sisterly] affection.

Outdo one another in showing honor.

(Romans 12:10)

Maybe its because its February and winter is dragging on, Maybe its just our sin natures showing through, but our house has been full of bickering and just plain meanness. After a particularly terrible fight between a couple of the kids I prayed asking what we could do differently.

I remembered talking with my husband about The Five Love Languages and decided to go check out their website. They had profile quizzes for couples, teens and children. I printed them out and everyone 5 and up took the appropriate quiz. It was a fun time filled with laughter and explanations.

At dinner we had a big discussion explaining what the love languages were and then went around the table having each person explain what their love language was and an example of how they feel loved. We then challenged each person to show love to each of the other members of our family in the way they feel loved best over the next week.

So far people have been a lot nicer and I am hoping that everyone is seeing the connection. It is hard to not only love one another but pay enough attention to love them their way instead of our own way. As we seek to love one another our lives are so much better and I believe we honor God with our efforts.

How about you? How do you help your children to love one another?


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