A Review: Simplified Dinners for New Cooks

You know how much I love Mystie’s Simplified Dinners ebook!  (Which she has revised to make it even better!) Well now she has come out with a new book called: Simplified Dinners for New Cooks! It is a great introduction to basic cooking techniques. It has a great explanation section at the beginning giving instructions on what ingredients to stock in your pantry, basic tools needed and basic skills including food safety. Following the instructions are 15 sections of a basic recipe with flavor variations. For example, There is a Chicken-in-a-Pot recipe with Lemon Garlic, Sassy and 40 Cloves of Garlic variations.

I handed a copy of it over to my kids. The instructions are very clear and gave my kids confidence to be able to cook a larger variety of recipes for dinner. My kids’ favorite recipes in her book are the Quesadillas, Pizza and Glazed Carrots. This book is great not just for kids but for others who just don’t usually cook.

As a special pre-launch offer, if you use the code newcooks15 at checkout you will receive $5 off her new book until March 6th!


Simplified Dinners for New Cooks

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