Homeschooling Day

I am finding a good rhythm to our days. We start our day with Bible reading, a hymn, a prayer and a Christian Shema (which comes from Luke 10:27) with my husband and daughter who is going to public school. Afterwards everyone gets their morning jobs done and eats breakfast.

I have found that the day goes better if I have the older kids get started on their independent work while I finish getting prepared for the day and then work with the youngest students first.

Our regular homeschool day is divided up into 5 main categories:

  1. Morning Time (with the younger group)
  2. Independent Work
  3. Circle Time
  4. Group Work
  5. Read Aloud

Morning Time

I start our school day with the Kindergartner and the 2nd grader with the toddler and baby close at hand.

We sing our calendar songs to determine what month and day off the week it is. Then we put the cards up on our calendar bulletin board.

Next we read a Bible story from the Rod & Staff Bible Story book. We work on the Bible verse for the day and then the kids like to act out the story.

I go over any new things in their workboxes so they know what to do later on. We use lots of things from , sewing cards, workbooks, tangram shapes and learning notebooks.

The 2nd grader then plays with the two little ones while I do reading lessons with the kindergartener using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.

Independent Work

Each of the older students has an assignment notebook where we write each day’s assignments.

Every day they are required to do:

Math – Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred

Copywork – either from our Bible reading in our Journibles or a passage from our other reading

Assigned reading

Other assignments as they come up such as book reports, writing assignments, map work, etc….

Next time I will tell you about our Circle Time and Group Work.


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