I was asked to be on a homeschooling panel for our local Moms group and it got me thinking a lot about why we homeschool and what we are trying to accomplish. Looking back over this blog I realized I had never really delved very deeply into my thoughts on the subject. It seems like a good time to do so. Over the next few weeks I plan to do a series on why and how we homeschool. It is a constantly changing life here with so many ages and stages of children and my plans and expectations have changed quite a bit over the years. We seek to glorify God with our lives and seek after truth, beauty and goodness as we remain focused on doing the 3 R’s.

This year I have the following students:

Junior (16 year old girl)

Freshman (14 year old girl)—going to public high school

7th Grade (12 year old girl)

5th Grade (10 year old girl)

2nd Grade (8 year old girl)

Kindergarten (6 year old boy)

Plus a toddler and a baby

Stay tuned to see how we do it!


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