Chicken Pot Pie: Mission Accomplished!


Years ago when we set out upon this journey of raising our children we set down some things that we wanted them to be able to do by the time they were adults. Our oldest turned 17 a couple months ago. It has really brought to our attention that our time with her is waning. Have we accomplished the things we set out to do? Yes, and No. There is still so much more that we want to be able to teach and share with her. And yet…chicken pot pie….

What does chicken pot pie have to do with anything? Well last week 1potato declared that she wanted to make chicken pot pie for dinner. Of course, I agreed! She looked up the recipe and went to the store and bought a couple of the ingredients we were missing (with money she earned from her job). She got a whole chicken from our freezer that we raised and she helped to butcher and cooked it in the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker with just a bit of advisement from me. While she waited for the chicken to cook she made the pie crust from scratch then placed it in the refrigerator to chill. Then she diced up the vegetables from our Bountiful Baskets and sautéed them in the Dutch oven. She used homemade chicken stock from our pantry to make the sauce for the pot pie. She deboned the chicken (and saved the bones for us to make another batch of chicken stock) and added it to the pot. Finally, she assembled the pie and baked it.

It was delicious! The crust was so flakey and golden brown. The filling was creamy, cooked just right and seasoned perfectly. There wasn’t one bit left in the pan after dinner was done! Even the small children who had previously declared that they didn’t like chicken pot pie gobbled up every bite!

Afterwards, I realized that in making this one dish she demonstrated her ability to be a grown up! She can read and follow directions, she has money that she earned from her job, she shopped for her ingredients and demonstrated her ability in the kitchen. She used a pressure cooker and food processor safely. She had the knife skills she needed to prepare the vegetables. She sautéed, made a sauce and baked! She served a beautiful and nutritious meal for a family of ten!

There are so many more lessons to be learned but her foundation is solid! And now my list for skills before they leave home includes make a chicken pot pie.


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