What I Learned this Fall

I’ve been following Emily P. Freeman (especially her podcast: The Next Right Thing) and she encouraged us to reflect on a season instead of waiting until the end of the year. I found it very helpful this summer so I’m back for the fall edition. Go to : http://emilypfreeman.com/wwl-fall-2017/ to see her post.

  1. I learned that personal retreats are a wonderful and needful thing for me. I wrote about it here.
  2. Loss although painful can bring healing and a closeness to God and to others that just doesn’t seem to happen when all is well.
  3. I learned that it is time to let go of the idol having more children. It would seem that eight is enough for us. I love my family and I adore little babies but at 43 the time has come to be done with that phase of my life.
  4. I love candles! For so many years I have hesitated to use them because I have so many little ones around but no more! I found some cute unscented candles on Amazon that I can use on the mantel and for entertaining.
  5. I like to start groups! I sat in the background feeling sad that I didn’t have ways to have meaningful connections with others. This year I have made great efforts to start groups: an IF:Table group for ladies, a women’s Bible study and most recently a Supper Club for couples (so the men could participate too). It has been so worth it to invest in these groups of people and move beyond surface conversations through intentional questions.
  6. I love decorating my mantel! I needed a place of beauty instead of a collecting spot for all the stuff people didn’t want the toddler to get, so I reclaimed it! I intend to decorate it seasonally and preserve it as a place of beauty in our home.
  7. Setting up a special bullet journal for the holidays is so helpful! Last year I had a separate journal but I used a small one. This year I got the idea from Aimee Kollmansberger to create a bullet journal to use for years to come to collect all the ideas and lists instead of recreating everything every year.
  8. Gratitude really is my lifeline. I never stay very consistent at journaling my lists but I find that when I do it really grounds me and it is so wonderful to be able to read back through my lists from the last several years.
  9. Spotify is actually pretty cool! I’ve put off using it for several years now but after several recommendations from my eldest daughter I gave it a try. I love my music on Amazon but it is such a nice way to be able to share music with others and to hear new music.
  10. “Being a mom is a lot like being a life coach,” my 10 year old daughter told me as we were taking a walk. I’ve been pondering this ever since. I think she is right and it is such a perspective change for me.

How about you? What have you learned this fall? I’d love to hear from you!


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One thought on “What I Learned this Fall”

  1. I have learned (time and time again I seem to need to re-learn this) that I am a mess if not grounded to the Lord-I need to spend consistent time with him! I know him, I love him- but, I find myself slipping to an undisciplined study life and relationship building time with him from time to time which causes great havoc in my peace and joy in Him as life throws me punches. I know what to do but don’t do it (so relate to Paul with this). So, I am working on returning to spending consistent time. Thank you for sharing in your posts, it truly is encouraging to me as I strive to live a God honoring life. ❤️

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