Stitch Fix #5

I got a new Stitch Fix box! It is has been awhile but I decided it was time for another update to my wardrobe. As always, I love hearing your feedback on what I should keep!

The first pieces are a purple knit dress and a pendant necklace. I paired the dress with some boots and denim jacket I already own in the second picture. I really like the color and the fabric.


I also received some skinny jeans with cargo pockets that are so comfy.  I paired it with a grey sweater they sent me. I am not so sure about the outside seams and elbow pads.





The final piece is a green button up blouse with embroidery on the back. My family is split on whether they like the embroidery or not. What do you think? 

Stitch Fix is an online store that sets you up with a stylist to find clothes for you. You answer questions and they work to match things with your size and style. Each time (you decide how often you get the boxes) you get a box with 5 items in it. You try them on and then have 3 days to decide if you want to keep them. If you don’t like any of them you pay $20 for the stylist fee. You send back the items you don’t want (in a pre-labeled bag they send in the box for free) and pay for the items you keep. If you buy all 5 items you get a reduced price. If you decide you want to try it for yourself please click on my link and I will get a referral credit.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!


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2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #5

  1. They are more expensive than I normally would pay (which is why I only do it a few times a year) but I literally get compliments everytime I wear any of the pieces I get from them and to me having someone else do the shopping is well worth it! (I hate clothes shopping!)

    The pieces I have gotten range from $25-70 per piece. Also, if you keep all of the pieces you get 25% off which is usually 1 piece for free. If you use my link you can get your 1st fix style fee waived.

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