Month: June 2018


Pompey’s Pillar

We are continuing our adventures this summer but are having to be flexible! It has been a crazy wet summer so we have had to rearrange things. This past weekend we wanted to go on a day trip to Island Lake in the Beartooth Mountains but it was storming. On a whim we decided to […]


The Montana Badlands

For our first adventure we decided to check out a place we had never been before: The Badlands of Montana.  It was about three and a half hours from our house so we loaded up the big van with our new tent from Costco and food enough for 2 lunches, a dinner, a breakfast and […]


Montana Adventures

Montana is a huge state. It is the fourth largest state in the union. It has 147,040 square miles filled with mountains, forests, rivers, plains and badlands. We can drive to the Yellowstone River (the longest river in the United States) in 10 minutes. We can be in the mountains in 45 minutes. Yellowstone Park is […]


What I learned this Spring

I am sure by now you know I follow Emily P Freeman. She is such an inspirational writer and voice in my life. I am linking up with her on her seasonal “what I learned” list. I have found making this list to be such a great exercise. I need a brighter, happier playlist for […]

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