Pompey’s Pillar

We are continuing our adventures this summer but are having to be flexible! It has been a crazy wet summer so we have had to rearrange things. This past weekend we wanted to go on a day trip to Island Lake in the Beartooth Mountains but it was storming. On a whim we decided to visit Pompey’s Pillar instead. It is located about half an hour outside of Billings and is famous for its evidence of Lewis & Clark’s travels through our area.

Even though I grew up here I had never been before. The weather was perfect! The area close to the river was closed due to flooding but we were able to climb the stairs to see William Clark’s signature on Pompey’s Pillar and visit the wonderful visitor center. I think it would be so fun someday to do a tour following Lewis and Clark’s travels. I can’t imagine being so adventuresome as to travel so far and draw the maps for others to follow.

Here is a travel tip for you: If you buy the National Park Pass (which we did at Yellowstone Park this year) you can get into Pompey’s Pillar for no additional cost.

I hope you will check out this historical site!


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