What I learned this Spring

I am sure by now you know I follow Emily P Freeman. She is such an inspirational writer and voice in my life. I am linking up with her on her seasonal “what I learned” list. I have found making this list to be such a great exercise.

  1. I need a brighter, happier playlist for Spring! I realized that a lot of the songs on my playlist were reflective and melancholic and it was time to bring more energy into my life through music. You can check out my new list on Spotify.
  2. Getting books through the library can be good but watch out! I put several books on hold awhile back (and actually kind of forgot about them) and then all of a sudden they all came in! So I had to push hard to read them before they were due and had to just give up on one. But yeah! me for not buying more books!
  3. I absolutely loved Rebekah Lyons book You Are Free ,so I lead a group study at church based on it. One of the big takeaways I got from it was the idea vines wrap around anything they touch. When Jesus tells us in John that he is the vine and we are the branches he is telling us that he will wrap around us and protect us in a way that we could never do for ourselves.
  4. As a family we need less screens and more time outside! The screens have such a pull for all of us and we need to be able to step away from that. We are still working out how that plays out in our lives and I am trying to find ways to draw us outside instead of making it feel like a punishment.
  5. I am not sure who I heard it from but I think it was on the Hello Mornings podcast. Am I trying to fill a bucket from the River (Jesus) and heave it back to give my people or am I hooking up my hose to the never ending supply of life giving water and letting it flow through me?
  6. Letting Go is hard but a necessary process in life. I will write about it more soon but I am letting go of homeschooling my children for the next year in hopes of renewing my spirit so that I can continue on this journey.
  7. Quote from One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler:  You can’t put your life on hold over the long term, eventually, you’ll reach a breaking point where you simply have to take care of yourself. And if you perceive that tending to your own needs can never go hand-in-hand with serving, you’ll stop serving. This is so true for me and I am working on changing that.
  8. The Great British Baking Show is wonderful!! I don’t know why I waited so long to watch it! I love how the judges push the contestants to do their absolute best and yet they encourage them and help them along the way! I have been inspired to up my baking game!
  9. Meal Planning is very helpful! It is amazing the difference in my stress level  just having a meal plan makes even when I don’t follow it.
  10. I absolutely love taking walks. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I listen to podcasts and other times just my own thoughts. I am trying to learn to be flexible and look for opportunities to go for a walk instead of it having to be at a particular time or not at all.


What have you learned this Spring? I would love to hear from you!


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