ThredUp vs. Stitch Fix

I have been using Stitch Fix for the last couple of years. I have been very pleased with my last few boxes of clothes and I feel like the stylists there really understand what I like and know what pieces I have in my closet and send me clothes that coordinate with what they have sent me before as well as the clothes in the box. The biggest downfall for me is the price is much higher than I normally I pay for clothes.

We frequently shop second hand clothes for our family so after seeing many people using ThredUp online I started being interested in trying them. I recently saw they started offering the Goodie box and I was sold on giving it a try. (The Goodie box is a set of 10 pieces of clothing picked out by a stylist and sent to you. You pay a $10 deposit that applies to the clothing you keep. Shipping and returns are free. You just pay for what you keep.)

I received a pair of jeans, a faux leather jacket, 3 cardigans and 5 tops. The jacket and one of the tops did not fit me. (My 13 year old daughter loves the jacket so she is keeping that.) The jeans are too long but I could hem them if I decide to keep them.

The clothes from ThredUp are definitely cheaper in price but good name brands. Each of the pieces ranged in price from $17 to $36. If I keep $75 worth of items I will receive a $10 shopping credit to use on future purchases and according to their invoice I would save an estimated $691 compared to retail.

Here are pictures of the pieces I received:

Overall, I feel like it is a pretty random selection of clothing but maybe they are trying to figure out what I like. ThredUp is definitely cheaper than Stitch Fix. I love having clothes sent to me instead of having to go shopping myself. I think that Stitch Fix has sent clothes that much more closely fit my style .

Please let me know in the comments which pieces you think I should keep! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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