Day 3 of Books: Bible Time

Of all the reading I do it is most important for me to read my Bible so I try to start my day there. Some days I get to read more, some days less but God meets me whatever season I am in. There are a few different ways I use to keep me in the word on a daily basis.

My favorite way lately is using my Write the Word Journal from Cultivate What Matters. It has nice thick pages with gold foil lettering. It provides space for the date, something you are grateful for, a scripture reference to copy each day, an On My Heart section and finally a spot to pick a word for the day. Throughout the years I have found that writing scripture really helps me to focus on what I am ready and respond to it. I have often just used a notebook. Sometimes it is easy to get trapped in having to have everything perfect to begin but God again and again will meet you where ever you are.

I also LOVE She Reads Truth. I started using their app a couple of years ago. (You can buy the separate studies for $1.99 each or subscribe to the app for $1.99/month and have access to all of their studies.) After a while I subscribed to get their beautiful books. I prefer the feel of a real book sometimes plus it helps me to stay off of my phone.

I have also used the YouVersion app for many years. They have tons of Bible studies and different versions of the Bible you can study from.

I want God’s words to be firmly planted in my heart as I walk into my days so that I can reflect Him and have something firm to hold on to when there are words coming from so many directions. I need help to discern what is true, beautiful and good.

How do you make sure you get time in the Word every day?


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