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It’s the week of Thanksgiving! One of my favorite times of the year.  It feels like each year the world wants us to rush past this week. Halloween gives way straight to Christmas. But I find myself wanting to hold back the rush and just savor this week. To me it is a time of […]

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30 Days of Baking

Ah! November is here! I just love fall! The beautiful colors of the changing leaves and the cooler temperatures that make starting a fire in the woodstove so cozy. And after a hot summer there is nothing I like better than to get back to baking! Large loaves of whole wheat sandwich bread, sweet loaves […]


A Review: Simplified Dinners for New Cooks

You know how much I love Mystie’s Simplified Dinners ebook!  (Which she has revised to make it even better!) Well now she has come out with a new book called: Simplified Dinners for New Cooks! It is a great introduction to basic cooking techniques. It has a great explanation section at the beginning giving instructions […]

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Advent 2014

Do you have visions of who you think you and your family are and then the reality of the life you actually live? The last couple of years this has really been a struggle for me especially as our kids have grown older and our lives have gotten busier and more complicated. Advent has become […]

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Blackberry Dutch Babies

One of our go to breakfast dishes is Dutch Babies. I think I first heard of such a dish from Kim of Large Family Logistics. It really goes by a lot of names: Oven Pancakes, Dutch Puff, Dutch Babies and probably more. The recipe is also pretty similar to the raspberry custard cake from The […]

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