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Instant Pot

Have you heard of the lastest craze in the appliance arena? Instant Pots! It is like having 6 appliances in one! It can Saute, Steam, Cook Rice, Slow Cook, Pressure Cook, Make Yogurt with just the touch of a couple buttons! It even has a delay setting and a keep warm setting. I purchased an Instant […]

Investment Cooking, recipe

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

  We love REAL lemonade! No powder substitute for me. Please give me the real stuff! And if you are looking for an alternative to gatorade just add a little salt and some calcium powder and you can be refreshed with electrolytes without any corn syrup or other nasty chemicals! To make fresh lemonade you […]

Investment Cooking, recipe

Lemon Curd

  What is lemon curd? Think of a lemon meringue pie. The lemony part at the bottom is very much like lemon curd except that you can spread it on piece of toast, serve it on pancakes, mix into some yogurt, or top ice cream with it. In the store a little 4-6 ounce jar […]

Investment Cooking

Angel Biscuits

Warm biscuits straight from the oven! Yum! We love to have some form of bread to go with our dinner but time gets away from me more and more. I have loved investment cooking for over 15 years now but somehow I had gotten away from this wonderful method of putting dinner on the table […]

Investment Cooking

Cooking Day 11/4/11

I got together with another friend whose family is similar sized to ours for a cooking day. A successful cooking day is made possible by spending a couple of days getting ready for the cooking day. We planned out our menu, made the grocery lists, went grocery shopping, did prep work and then finally spent […]

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Food Budget

It seems like everyone lately is talking about the increase in food prices. My husband & I have been discussing what we can do to maintain control over our budget when the prices keep rising on everything Produce Grow as much as you can yourself. Plant a fruit tree. Plant a garden. (I love Square […]

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Invest In Your Health: Virgin Coconut Oil

If you have been attempting to eat healthy for very long I am sure that fat is one of the biggest things you have avoided in your diet. We have been told for the past 20 years that fat is bad. That fat makes you fat. Yet when you look to see all the people […]

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