God Stops

God Provides

This year our garden was nearly a bust! We started a little earlier with a backyard garden planted the end of April. We enjoyed some peas and lettuce and had hopes of carrots, onions, beets and potatoes. Only the potatoes materialized. (So far we have had 3 meals from our own potatoes and there are […]

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Investment Cooking

Cooking Day 11/4/11

I got together with another friend whose family is similar sized to ours for a cooking day. A successful cooking day is made possible by spending a couple of days getting ready for the cooking day. We planned out our menu, made the grocery lists, went grocery shopping, did prep work and then finally spent […]

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Menu Plan Monday

Meal Plans: Week of 10/10/10

Here’s my plan for this week: Monday: Breakfast: Eggs Lunch: Sandwiches Dinner: Cabbage Rolls (aka Bierocks) Make Bread Tuesday: Breakfast: Banana Bread Lunch: Leftovers Dinner: Black Bean Chowder Make Pumpkin Dip for Ladies Bible Class Wednesday: Breakfast: Oatmeal Lunch: Cheesy Noodles Dinner: Crockpot—Roast Beef with potatoes & carrots, rolls, peach rhubarb cobbler Thursday: Breakfast: Dutch […]

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One of the Best Ways to Invest in Your Health: Planting A Garden

One of the best (& cheaper) ways to invest in quality foods for your family is to plant a garden. You can choose the items your family likes to eat, control what goes on your food and even get some exercise in the process. There are so many different ways to garden. You can plant […]

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