Due Date


4potato’s birth story

4Potato’s Birth Story 4Potato’s arrival was the longest anticipated birth. We thought she was due December 29th but she did not arrive until January 20th. She was born at 10:12 a.m. Jan 20th after 14 hours of labor. Out of those 14 hours only 2+ hours seemed like hard labor. I went into labor between […]

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Almost Time

I am always amazed at how time seems to fly and yet to go by so slowly at times. I was so happy to see the month of August come to an end! We are in the zone now awaiting the birth of this new little one. Anxious to see if it will be a […]

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God Stops

Deliver Me, O LORD!

The due date for the baby we lost to miscarriage earlier this year was yesterday and I find myself grieving once more. I lost more than the baby. I lost myself. God has been peeling back the layers and revealing who I really am and what my purpose in this life is. I know that […]

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