Investment Cooking

Lemon Curd

  What is lemon curd? Think of a lemon meringue pie. The lemony part at the bottom is very much like lemon curd except that you can spread it on piece of toast, serve it on pancakes, mix into some yogurt, or top ice cream with it. In the store a little 4-6 ounce jar […]

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Investment Cooking

Processing Lemons: Finding Some Sunshine in January!

  When we lived in Arizona we had a wonderful lemon tree in our backyard as did my husband’ parents. Although I absolutely love living in Montana I do miss our lemons! Thankfully my in-laws are so generous that every year they send us lemons in a flat rate box! And they often juice several […]

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1000 Gifts

2/25/11 Blessings from Above

We had a wonderful week in Arizona albeit crazy trying to see so many people and get so much accomplished in one week. Here are some of my gifts from the last couple weeks (#456-511) 457. A fresh blanket of snow. 458. Laundry: 10 loads in just one hour. 465. A trip to Arizona 466. […]

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