New Year

God Stops

Happy New Year! 2008

A new year is just beginning and I have such high hopes for this new year! Here’s my list: 1. Seek the LORD more. Consistently read my Bible every day and take captive each thought for the LORD. 2. Learn to show dh respect in a way that communicates my love for him. 3. Keep […]

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Marriage Challenge

I found this wonderful resource online from It is a challenge for wives for the next 30 days to do the following: You can’t say anything negative about your husband …to your husband…or to anyone else, about your husband. Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband…to your husband…and to someone else, […]

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God Stops

Happy New Year!

“I suppose when we wake on January 1 the world will look the same. But there is a reminder of the Resurrection at the start of each new year, each new decade. That’s why I also like sunrises, Mondays, and new seasons. God seems to be saying, “With me you can always start afresh.”—Ada Lum […]

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1000 Gifts
God Stops

Revisiting the 1000 Gifts List

Sorry I haven’t written much—life has been so crazy lately! I’ve been meaning to add more to my list. I have a few other posts I’ve been working on but haven’t been able to finish them yet. I hope you are enjoying your December. It will probably be the new year before I am posting […]

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