Playing The Piano

1000 Gifts

2/4/11 Blessings Counted

Oh how I have been enjoying Ann’s book. I’m trying really hard to savor it and apply it instead of reading hastily through it. I’m back on working daily on my list of gifts although I haven’t been posting them all here. 444. We have a piano once again! 445. 1potato’s love of playing the […]

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1000 Gifts

1000 Gifts — Trying to get back to gratitude

I want to be a more grateful person. I started this list of 1000 gifts a couple years ago but only made it to 176 and so I pick it up again…I hope to be much more successful in keeping up with it this time. 177. I’m grateful for a precious little boy to love. […]

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1Potato’s Piano Recital

1Potato has loved playing the piano since she was 4 years old. She has a great ear for music and can play almost any melody she hears. In March 2008, she started having piano lessons to help her with music theory and rhythm. Last Friday, she had her first recital after only 1 month of […]

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